ABJ Welding

At ABJ Welding We offer a Worldwide Industry Leading Welding Course. We offer welding services to various industries including Marine, Farming, Engineering and Natural Resource Industries. ABJ Welding is conveniently located in Hermanus, Cape Town, South Africa.


Courses Offered At ABJ Welding

The highly specialized course is designed for professional divers who want to obtain the needed underwater welding skills. This consists of both theoretical and practical training: 1 week dry welding, and 1 week wet welding. This is to meet the requirements outlined in AWS D3.6:2010 Class B Welds.


Class III or Class II diving ticket (or equivalent) will be needed with an in date diver medical certificate.


Theory Consists of class room work, with an end of course exam. Topics range from preparing to weld, safety topside and underwater welding, topside and underwater welding techniques, welding terminology,
plant and equipment used, weld defects and prevention thereof


Topside welding Safety at workplace, preparing weld site, correct PPE equipment, emergency procedures, single welds, weave welds, tee joint fillet welds with single and multi pass.


Underwater welding Welding in dive tank, different underwater techniques, polarity check, safety, drag, oscillation, step back, slope angles, travel speed control, run placement and deposition control, screening weld defects, causes and remedies, lap joint fillet welds, tee joint fillet welds with single and multi pass.


The course is accredited with and witnessed Lloyds Register, as per international required standards. After course examination the final plate welds are sent to an accredited laboratory examiner, where after successful pass to the AWS D3.6:2010 standard the final course tickets will be sent.

Course Dates

01 April – 19 April
24 June – 12 July
16 September – 04 October

Contact Details

Address is: 6 Cobalt Street, Argon Centre, Sandbaai, Hermanus, 7200, South Africa

Telephone number: +27 (0) 82 589 3892

Email: abjwelding@yahoo.com

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