Angelo Galasso Clothing Prices In South Africa

About The Founder Of Angelo Galasso

In the beginning, it was just a game then it became a passion, and now it is fashion. These few words alone would be enough to describe how Angelo Galasso, born in 1959 in a town in the splendid region of Apulia, achieved success in London thanks to his unique style.

Angelo was a child in Italy in the 1970s, a country in the middle of an economic boom. Francavilla Fontana, however, was far from major cities such as Rome, Milan, and Naples.

It’s a town where the traditions of Southern Italy were so strong that they seemed to infiltrate the scented air of the hot summers that began in April and continued to October. From an early age, Angelo revealed his unwillingness to “fall in with the crowd”. He wanted to be unique, different from the rest.

Angelo Galasso Clothing Prices In South Africa

Angelo Galasso AO2 Hazy Blue Stretch Denim Jeans


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