Audi Prices In South Africa

What is Audi?

Audi AG, commonly referred to as Audi, is a German automotive manufacturer of luxury vehicles headquartered in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany.


As a subsidiary of its parent company, the Volkswagen Group, Audi produces vehicles in nine production facilities worldwide.

Audi Prices In South Africa

Audi Q4 Sportback E Tron 40 2022
  ZAR 1,036,320

Audi Q7 Prestige 55 TFSI Quattro SUV 2022
  ZAR 1,000,000

Audi Q4 E Tron 45 Quattro 2022
  ZAR 925,440

Audi A5 Convertible Premium Plus 45 TFSI 2022
  ZAR 889,600

Audi PB18 E Tron Concept 2022
  ZAR 11,968,000

Audi R8 Spyder Coupe 2022
  ZAR 2,430,240

Audi Q5 S line Premium Plus 55 TFSI quattro e Plug-in hybrid 2022

What does Audi stand for?

Auto Union AG

That’s when, in 1932, the four companies Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer joined together to form Auto Union AG, which would later become AUDI AG. And the company needed a new logo.

Where is Audi made?

This is where Audi has put down roots with the site of its corporate headquarters. Audi produces a wide range of models for the world market at its production site in Ingolstadt, as well as in Neckarsulm.

Is it worth buying an Audi?

Audis are known to be better for new vehicle dependability, but over time can develop issues and these can be more costly to fix. There is also insurance to consider. Because of their more luxurious nature, many Audis are more expensive to insure than the average car.

How long does an Audi last?

You can expect a properly driven and maintained Audi to last 150,000-200,000 miles or 10 to 13 years. In general, Audis are known for its Quattro all-wheel-drive system, technology, style, performance, and well-crafted interiors.

Why is Audi expensive?

German luxury car manufacturer Audi’s Indian subsidiary Audi India has today announced that the company will be increasing the prices across its entire model range by up to 3 percent. As per the carmaker, the rising input and operational costs are the primary reason for this price hike.