Average Annual Salary Increase In South Africa

What is Annual Salary?

An annual salary is the amount of money a company pays you in exchange for the job you do during the year. Although you might receive wages every month or twice per month, it’s still important to know your annual salary for tax purposes—or in the event, you apply for another job.18 Nov 2021


Average Annual Salary Increase In South Africa

People lucky enough to have a job can expect a 5.5% salary raise in 2022. South African employers plan to give their staff an average annual pay rise of 5.5% in 2022, according to research by global advisory, broking, and solutions company Willis Towers Watson.

What is the average salary increase in South Africa?

Employees in South Africa are most likely to get a salary increment of approximately 8% every 18 months. Although the term ‘annual salary increase’ implies a salary increment every 12 months, it isn’t always the case.

How much should your salary increase each year in South Africa?

Separate data published by global advisory firm Willis Towers Watson at the end of 2021 shows that South African private-sector workers are set to receive an average pay rise of 5.5% in 2022, which is a cautious improvement over the 4.7% average increase paid in 2021.

How much should the salary increase a year?

Most employers give their employees an average increase of 3% per year. Consistent job switching may have an impact on the rate at which your salary increases.

Is 3% a good raise?

If your employer is paying 3 percent raises in a down market, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. But if a 3 percent merit increase is typical for your employer, you’ve been falling behind every year. Salaries move at different rates every year, but typically by about 4.1 percent.

Is a 7% raise good?

Normal raise: 2-3% Good raise: 4-7% Big raise: 8%+