Average Car Rental Price In South Africa

What is Car Rental?

A car rental, hire car or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time to the public, generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks.


Renting a Vehicle in South Africa

Blessed with wildlife-rich game reserves, sunkissed beaches, rich history, and world-class food and wine, South Africa has something for everyone.

If you’re looking to explore the Rainbow Nation, there’s no better way to do so than by using car rental South Africa, which gives you the freedom to explore the plethora of attractions available to you.

When renting a car with Drive South Africa one can always expect impeccable service. When renting with Drive South Africa, it is proven that we will always have the best prices and the cheapest prices in South Africa.

South Africa has plenty of different options when it comes to renting a car in South Africa, by having access to 4×4, campers, luxury vehicles as well as normal everyday vehicles. In South Africa, it is wise to be able to compare all the different options that we have avaliable.

Car Rental South Africa

Best Time to Visit South Africa

Choosing when the best time to visit South Africa should be based on what activities you’d like to experience.

If you’d like to spot the Big Five in the Kruger National Park, then it’s best to visit during the dry winter months of May to September as the vegetation thins out, making it easier to spot the wildlife who congregate around water sources.

When heading up to the East Coast of South Africa, one can clearly see what South Africa is all about by seeing the amazing scenery as well as good roads especially in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Using a rental car in South Africa is a great idea when visiting South Africa because when you get a rental car in South Africa you will be able to go wherever you like without having to reply on South Africa’s public transport.

Tsitsikamma-Nationalpark South Africa

Renting a car in the Kruger National Park gives you the chance to take control of your own safari, which will leave you and your loved ones with unforgettable memories.

If you’d like to laze away on South Africa’s blue-flag beaches, then a visit during the summer months of December to February is your best bet.

Renting a car in South Africa is always going to be your best option as there are a host of world-class beaches and wine farms along the Western Cape Coast.

If you are up for the best drive in South Africa consider a garden route self-drive experience.

Car rental in South Africa gives you the option of turning your area of interest throughout the entire country by being able to go on road trip and get to remote places to make your

Renting Around South Africa

Cape Town South Africa

Situated at the tip of the African continent, Cape Town is South Africa’s travel hub, with thousands of travellers flocking to its shores every year to take advantage of the multitude of activities available.

From world-class beaches, rolling lush green Winelands, and five-star restaurants, Cape Town has it all.

Car in Cape Town is relatively cheap and easy as well, and it’s the best way to explore the city.

There are also a lot of places where one can rent a 4×4 in Cape Town to have a thrilling time just outside of the city. If you are flying into Cape Town you can rent a car with Drive South Africa at Cape Town International.

Cape Town Waterfront

Renting Johannesburg South Africa

South Africa’s financial hub and the second-largest city in Africa – Johannesburg is an excellent base for exploring the country’s wilderness areas.

Renting a car in Johannesburg South Africa is always a great idea and by using Drive South Africa you can clearly see the cheapest options.

The city itself boasts the world’s largest man-made forest and a visit to the eclectic township of Soweto should not be missed.

Renting a car in South Africa can pretty much start anywhere in our major cities so make sure to pick your favorite destination to rent from.


Renting in Durban South Africa 

Blessed with warm weather all year round, it’s the ideal destination to explore South Africa’s best outdoor attractions.

Check into Durban and rent a car at our Durban car Rental.

Also known as ‘Surf City’, Durban is a popular destination for watersport enthusiasts. Be sure to visit uShaka Marine World, the largest aquarium in the Southern hemisphere.

Durban North Beach

Getting Around South Africa by Renting a Car

Car rental in South Africa is by far the best way to explore the wealth of sights and attractions that South Africa has to offer.

Public transport is adequate if compared to Europe. Renting a car in South Africa will also give you the freedom to travel at your own pace.

It is quite easy to get around when renting a car in South Africa and is the most recommended way of getting around.

Pretoria, South Africa

Length of Stay in South Africa

Two weeks is the general recommended time when planning a holiday to South Africa. It gives you the opportunity to explore South Africa’s coastline, before heading to the bush to spot the Big Five.

Cheetah’s in the Kalahari| Image by: Ready Set Safari

When you rent a car in South Africa one must be careful when booking the amount of time that you are going to be staying in South Africa. But also what type of car you will be booking for instance if you need a 4×4 or a budget vehicle.

Renting a car in South Africa has never been easier by being able to compare and select the correct vehicles in South Africa you cannot make a wrong choice.

What to Pack for South Africa

South Africa’s summers are quite warm, so be sure to pack in light clothing with lots of sunscreen.

However, be sure to pack in a raincoat for the occasional shower. For winter, pack in warm clothing as the air becomes quite chilly. Renting a car that is capable of all-weather patterns is always recommended.

Always back in a good sense for adventure, for unlimited activities.

Self Drive Safari Etosha

Where to Stay in South Africa

Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town is an excellent city to live in. When you’re not at work, there’s a big variety of activities to keep you and your loved ones busy. Hiring a car in Cape Town has never been easier.

Johannesburg South Africa 

This upmarket city provides you with an excellent platform to become ingrained in South Africa’s historic past.

It’s also a couple of hours away from South Africa’s popular wilderness areas. Car rental in Johannesburg South Africa is always possible with Drive South Africa.

Why Rent a car in South Africa with Drive South Africa

Drive South Africa gives you the widest range of vehicles in South Africa and coupled with our exceptional service you’ll book with us every time. We offer only the lowest rates complimented by professional service, giving you the driving freedom to explore our country without restrictions.

When renting a car in South Africa it makes sense to use a company that has South Africa in its name and Drive. Renting with Drive South Africa will always give you the best value for your money by enabling you to compare different prices.