Average Cost Of Chemotherapy In South Africa

What is Chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses one or more anti-cancer drugs as part of a standardized chemotherapy regimen. Chemotherapy may be given with curative intent, or it may aim to prolong life or reduce symptoms.


Average Cost Of Chemotherapy In South Africa

In South Africa, the cost of cancer treatment is very high, and a study conducted in 2020 to estimate the cost of chemotherapy in the public sector arrived at a whopping R15 774 as the average care cost per patient.

Does medical aid cover chemotherapy?

If cancer is considered a PMB condition, a medical aid scheme is legally obliged to continue paying for treatment at cost, even if the oncology benefit limit has been reached. This includes covering the costs of consultations, surgery, specialized radiology, blood tests, and chemo and radiation therapy.

How do doctors do chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy is most often given as an infusion into a vein (intravenously). The drugs can be given by inserting a tube with a needle into a vein in your arm or into a device in a vein in your chest. Chemotherapy pills. Some chemotherapy drugs can be taken in pill or capsule form.

How many hours does chemo take?

The length of time for chemotherapy regimens can range from 5 minutes to 8 or more hours. It all depends on the chemotherapy. Throughout the chemotherapy, your nurse will come in and check your vitals and make sure you aren’t reacting to the medications.

How many days after chemo do you feel better?

Most people say it takes 6 to 12 months after they finish chemotherapy before they truly feel like themselves again.