Average Cost Of Cremation In South Africa

What is Cremation?

Cremation is a method of the final disposition of a dead body through burning. Cremation may serve as a funeral or post-funeral rite and as an alternative to burial. In some countries, including India and Nepal, cremation on an open-air pyre is an ancient tradition.


Average Cost Of Cremation In South Africa

If you are looking at the cremation, you can expect to pay around R7,000 for the cremation itself, and, depending on the material it’s made of, an urn can cost you around R1,500.

Is cremation cheaper than burial in South Africa?

Cremations tend to be less costly than coffins with the average cremation costs in South Africa ranging between R7 000 – R15 000. Coffins can cost anything between R800 – R50 000 or more. Gravesite.

How long does it take to cremate a body in South Africa?

How long does a direct cremation take in South Africa? The cremation itself usually takes between one and a half and three hours. Cooling, collecting, and preparing the ashes for the family usually takes another one or two hours. The ashes are then carefully placed in a temporary container for collection.

Do you have clothes on when you are cremated?

In most cases, people are cremated in either a sheet or the clothing they are wearing upon arrival at the crematory. However, most Direct Cremation providers give you and your family the option to fully dress your loved one prior to Direct Cremation.

How long does it take to cremate a human body?

How long does cremation take? The entire cremation timeframe — including any waiting period, authorization, and the actual cremation — can take anywhere from four days to two weeks from start to finish. The cremation itself takes about three to four hours, with another one to two hours for processing.

How is a body prepared for a cremation?

How is the body prepared for a cremation? Usually, the body is bathed, cleaned, and dressed before identification. There is no embalming unless you have a public viewing or you request it. Next, the technician removes jewelry or other items that you would like to keep.