Average Cost Of Electric Fencing In South Africa

What is Electric Fencing?

An electric fence is a barrier that uses electric shocks to deter people or animals from crossing a boundary. The voltage of the shock may have effects ranging from discomfort to death.


Average Cost Of Electric Fencing In South Africa

The average price of electric fencing installation ranges from R180 per meter for a 6 Strand Wall Top to R1,500 per meter for a 30 Strand Free Standing.

6 Strand Wall Top: R180 per meter

21 Strand 2.4 Meters Free Standing: R860 per …

8 Strand Wall Top: R230 per meter

30 Strand 3.0 Meters Free Standing: R1, 500

Is electric fencing expensive in South Africa?

Electrified fencing has been in use in South Africa for many years; but since many people remain unsure about it, below are answers to some common questions: 1. Is electrified fencing very expensive? Compared to other effective security measures, electrified fencing is relatively inexpensive.

Does an electric fence consume a lot of electricity?

Electric fences do not consume a lot of electric power and most homes will experience no more than an R 15.00 increase on their electric bill after installation.

Are electric fences legal?

Without a valid Electric Fence System Certificate of Compliance, property owners, body corporates, business entities, and home owner associations become civilly and criminally liable for injuries caused by their electric fence system.

Are electric fences effective in South Africa?

Electric fencing remains a popular security solution in South Africa, and alongside alarm systems and CCTV cameras, it remains a security staple for both commercial and residential property owners.