Average Cost Of Groceries In South Africa

What is Groceries?

A grocery store, grocery shop, or simply grocery is a store that primarily retails a general range of food products, which may be fresh or packaged. In everyday U.S. usage, however, “grocery store” is a synonym for supermarket, and is not used to refer to other types of stores that sell groceries. 


Average Cost Of Groceries In South Africa

BFAP suggests that a ‘moderate-cost healthy food basket’ including staple foods, proteins, fruit, and veg, costs about R3,618 per month. Here are some average prices of typical items from Numbeo: One liter of milk – R16. Loaf of fresh white bread – R14.

How much does a family of 4 spend on groceries in South Africa?

A basket of basic but nutritious food, for a family of 4 persons, will cost a worker R3 139,37. Together these three core expenses come to R5 022,28. The study goes on to add that the majority of South African workers do not earn enough money to cover their basic expenses each month.

How can I buy groceries on a budget in South Africa?

Shopping hacks to save money on your groceries

  1. Create a list and a budget – and stick to them! …
  2. Compare prices at different retail outlets. …
  3. Don’t shop more than once a week. …
  4. Create a meal plan and avoid ordering in. …
  5. Sign up for loyalty cards and redeem points and coupons.

How much do I need for groceries per month?

Groceries, housing, and other essentials should take up no more than 50% of your monthly income.