Average Cost Of Health Insurance In South Africa

What is health insurance?

Health insurance or medical insurance is a type of insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses. As with other types of insurance is a risk among many individuals.


Average Cost Of Health Insurance In South Africa

Prices of private policies will always vary and can be difficult to generalize, but on average, health insurance in South Africa can cost from R1,000 to R2,000 per month for a family of four. If you’re after comprehensive cover, or you’re above 55, you’ll probably need to pay a little more each month.

Which health insurance is the best in South Africa?

These are the top-tier schemes that typically have unlimited hospital cover and comprehensive day-to-day benefits.

Hospital Plans.

Discovery Health Keycare CoreR665 – R1 281
Genesis Private ChoiceR950
Momentum Custom Option 1R1 152
FedHealth Entry zoneR1 179

Is it worth taking private health insurance?

Private health insurance helps people avoid long wait times for non-urgent procedures and lets them access services that Medicare does not cover. But out pocket costs may be a deterrent for many people to use to pay for their medical costs.

Why is health insurance so expensive?

The price of medical care is the single biggest factor behind U.S. healthcare costs, accounting for 90% of spending. These expenditures reflect the cost of caring for those with chronic or long-term medical conditions, an aging population, and the increased cost of new medicines, procedures, and technologies.

Do you really need insurance?

If you’re in an accident, expenses can run high, from vehicle repairs to medical expenses, to property damage. Without a car insurance policy protecting you from those sizable financial obligations, you’re susceptible to serious money issues in the event of a collision.