Average Cost Of IVF In South Africa

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization is a process of fertilization where an egg is combined with sperm in vitro. The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova from her ovaries, and letting sperm fertilize them in a culture medium in a laboratory.


Average Cost Of IVF In South Africa

A single cycle of IVF can cost from R60,000 to R100,000. As more than one treatment cycle is typically required to achieve pregnancy, the end cost can be anything from R120,000 to R300,000 or more.

Which medical aid covers IVF in South Africa?

The Assisted Reproductive Therapy Benefit provides cover for a defined list of female infertility procedures and treatments up to a Rand limit of R110 000 for each person, each year, subject to specific rules.

Can I choose gender in IVF?

While clinics are not legally allowed to determine the sex of the embryo, the PC-PNDT Act does not stop people from going to countries where sex-selective IVF is legal. Over the years, medical tourism to countries like Thailand, specifically for sex-selective IVF, has grown into a considerable market.

How much does a fertility clinic cost in South Africa?

At a private clinic, you can expect to pay between R25 000 and R35 000 for one IVF treatment, and although there are some treatment options offered at state facilities, most will still charge tens of thousands of rands for treatment. But there is another option for couples on a budget.

Are IVF babies normal?

IVF is a different way of conception from normal sexual intercourse. But the IVF children are as normal as other children concerning their mental and physical attributes. But people often ask the question if an IVF baby is as normal as other children. A study was conducted in India among ten babies born through IVF.

How long does it take to get pregnant with IVF?

How long does it take to get pregnant with IVF? One cycle of IVF takes about two months. Women younger than age 35 will get pregnant and have a baby with their first IVF egg retrieval and subsequent embryo transfer(s) about half the time.