Average Cost Of Kitchen In South Africa

What is a Kitchen?

Average Cost Of Kitchen In South Africa

Plumbers Cape Town puts the national average cost at around R210 000, though they break it down into more detailed price ranges: Small kitchen remodels R10,000 – R150,000. Mid-range kitchen remodels R150 000 – R250 000. High-end kitchen remodels R250 000+.


How much does it cost to install the kitchen?

The cost of your project will depend on the size of your kitchen and the materials used. A new kitchen may be affordable or expensive depending on those two factors and on your budget. Installing a kitchen costs around R166732.00including appliances and hiring trades, but new kitchen costs can quickly add up.

Why are kitchens so expensive?

Factors such as the size, shape, and layout of a kitchen have a significant impact on the price tag attached. The cost of a kitchen renovation is undoubtedly significant, but it is required less frequently due to the durability of high-quality storage and appliances.

What are the most durable kitchen cabinets?

Arguably the most durable material for kitchen cabinets, hardwood is solid wood. Some hardwood types, such as hickory or maple, will resist scratching and denting more than softwood species like walnut and mahogany. However, the former will cost more due to durability and overall quality.

Which wood is best for kitchen cabinets?

The 5 best and most popular woods for kitchen cabinets are pine, oak, hickory, cherry, and maple. Pine, oak, and hickory are cheaper and easier to get. Cherry and maple look luxurious and cost more than the others. All 5 work well in the kitchen’s hot and humid environment.

How do you protect grease from kitchen cabinets?

To avoid grease building up on kitchen cupboards, wipe the hob and cupboard doors clean every week. Simply use a soft cloth and a degreaser to remove any new grease marks. Regularly wash your hands when cooking. This will prevent the grease from transferring from your hands onto the cabinet doors.