Average Lobola Price In South Africa

What is Lobola?


Lobola or Lobolo in Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa, Silozi, Shona and northern and southern Ndebele, and Mamalo in Tshivenda language, sometimes referred to as “bride wealth” or “bride price” is property in livestock

Average Lobola Price In South Africa

Average lobola paid per province in South Africa: North West: R65 000 or 8 cows. Mpumalanga: R35 000 or 5 cows. Limpopo: R85 000 or 11 cows. Gauteng: R82 500 or 12 cows

How much does lobola cost in South Africa?

around $7,150

The “Lobola Calculator” determines your lobola worth — and will also inform you of averages in different South African provinces. For example, in Gauteng, the province that includes Johannesburg and Pretoria, the average lobola is 12 cows or R82,500 (around $7,150).

What is lobola bride price?

A bride price here is known as “lobola”, where the groom’s family presents either money or cows or both to the bride’s family as a gesture of his willingness to marry her.

What is an acceptable or reasonable lobola in South Africa?

Almost two-thirds of respondents (62%) said “a reasonable amount” for lobolo was R10 000 or less; 21% said between R10 000 and R25 000 was reasonable; 11.1% said a range between R25 000 and R50 000 was acceptable; and 5.8% were happy to spend more than R50 000.

What happens after lobola is paid?

Lobola cannot be paid in full in one go, the groom’s delegation will need to come again after the first negotiations to finish paying for their bride to be. Once the Lobola has been paid in full then the next step follows which is called Izibizo, which can happen on the day when lobola negotiations are concluded

Does paying a portion of lobola mean you are married?

Firstly, the Act defines lobolo as “property in cash or in-kind which a prospective husband or the head of his family undertakes to give to the head of the prospective wife’s family in consideration of a customary marriage.” There is no doubt that lobola is one of the essential requirements in terms of section 3(1)(b)

Can lobola be refunded?

Lobola often takes the form of payment in the form of giving cattle to the family of the lady. The RCMA is silent as to whether lobola can be refunded or not (just like it is silent as to whether it must be paid in the first place).

What is the bride price for virgins?

The Exodus chapter 22 verse 16 to 17 which he refers to reads: “If a man seduces a virgin who is not betrothed and lies with her, he shall give the bride-price for her and make her his wife. If her father utterly refuses to give her to him, he shall pay money equal to the bride-price for virgins.

Is bride price necessary for marriage?

No amount of money can buy a wife; her value is inestimable in human terms. No man can pay for all the input of those who raised a good woman and all the benefits she brings; her love, care, help and companionship far outweigh any monetary value.

What determines lobola price?

The minimum lobola to be paid is 10 cows. The bride’s family then determines what the value of 1 cow would be, and multiplies it by 10. For instance, if the standard rate for a cow is R7000, and the family determined that the bride is worth 12 cows, the lobola would be R84 000.

What is your take on lobola?

Lobola is defined as a bride price, traditionally one paid in cattle, but in modern times, often paid in money. The bride price is paid to the family of the bride as a token of appreciation for their efforts in the upbringing of their daughter.