Average Potato Yield Per Hectare In South Africa

Is potato farming profitable in South Africa?


Starting a potato farming business in South Africa is a very profitable business venture. Potatoes are a strategic food security crop owing to their richness in starch. This makes them very important because carbohydrates are an essential element of a balanced diet.

How many tons of potatoes are in a hectare in South Africa?

47 tonnes per hectare

At an average of 47 tonnes per hectare, South Africa’s production capacity is comparable to the USA, Germany and the Netherlands. Under the country’s Seed Potato Certification Scheme—one of the best in the world— the quality of South African seed potatoes is attracting international attention.

How much does it cost to start a potato farm in South Africa?

Production costs for potatoes under irrigation range from R160 000/ha and R22 000/ha, while under dryland conditions it is R70 000/ha to R90 000/ha. Setting up a pack house could cost between R2,5 million and R5 million.

How much is a bag of potatoes in South Africa?

Normal average prices are between R40 and R45/10kg bag,” he said. “Farmers [were currently receiving] prices averaging between R65 and R72/10kg bag for first grade medium [potatoes], which is almost 50% more than the average price for this time of the year.”

What month do you plant potatoes in South Africa?

In frost-free areas potatoes can be planted in South Africa from August to early June the following year. In areas where frost is prevalent planting is best contained to the months August to December into early January.