Average Salary For Astronauts In South Africa

An astronaut is someone who travels in space. While the term was once reserved for military-trained professionals, recent accessibility of space travel has seen the term astronaut now used to refer to anyone traveling in a spacecraft, including civilians.


Below are salaries earned by An Astronaut In South Africa

Civilian astronaut salaries

The pay grades for civilian astronauts will vary based on academic achievements and experience. They are ranked GS-11 through GS-14. According to NASA, here are the common salaries for astronauts and how they are categorized:

GS-11 astronaut’s average starting salary: R 1041585.82 per year
GS-14 astronauts can earn up to R 2280584.85 per year.

Military astronaut salaries

Military astronauts are designated to the Johnson Space Center in Houston and their pay depends on their active duty status for pay, leave, benefits, and other military matters. Military astronaut candidates have typically commissioned officers with a minimum of five years of active duty service. The monthly pay scales are represented in these two tables:

Cumulative Years of Service
Pay Grade
(Note 3) 2 or less Over
2 Over
3 Over
4 Over
6 Over
(Note 4)
O-9 (Note 4)
O-8 (Note 4) 11,329.50 11,701.20 11,947.50 12,016.20 12,323.40 12,836.70
O-7 (Note 4) 9,414.30 9,851.40 10,053.90 10,215.00 10,506.00 10,794.00
O-6 (Note 5) 7,139.10 7,842.90 8,357.70 8,357.70 8,389.80 8,749.20
O-5 5,951.40 6,704.40 7,168.20 7,255.50 7,545.60 7,718.40
O-4 5,135.10 5,943.90 6,341.10 6,429.00 6,797.10 7,192.20
O-3 (Note 6) 4,514.70 5,117.70 5,523.30 6,022.80 6,311.70 6,628.20
O-2 (Note 6) 3,901.20 4,442.70 5,116.80 5,289.90 5,398.50 5,398.50
(Notes 6 & 7) 3,385.80 3,524.40 4,260.60 4,260.60 4,260.60 4,260.60

Astronauts may be able to reap many benefits from their work. Here are a few of the benefits offered to them:

Civilian astronaut benefits:



Paid holidays

Challenging and interesting work

State-of-the-art training facilities

Paid leave

Military astronaut benefits:

Housing allowances up to R 29105.59 per month

Aviation career incentive pay




Challenging and interesting work

How much money does an astronomer make in South Africa?

The average pay for an Astronomer is ZAR 1,122,432 a year and ZAR 540 an hour in Pretoria, South Africa. The average salary range for an Astronomer is between ZAR 783,157 and ZAR 1,409,682. On average, a Doctorate Degree is the highest level of education for an Astronomer.

Where can I study to become an astronaut in South Africa?

Best Global Universities for Space Science in South Africa

The University of KwaZulu Natal.

The University of the Western Cape.

Rhodes University.

The University of Cape Town.

What subjects are needed to become an astronaut in South Africa?

South Africa is buzzing with space science activities. To follow a career in space science you will need to do well in school subjects such as mathematics and physical science. This will allow you to enroll for courses in mathematics, physics, or engineering at university.

How many years does it take to be an astronaut in South Africa?

On top of the six years of schooling and two years of professional experience, astronauts must complete two years of mandatory basic training. All of this adds up to about a decade of preparation. After that, astronauts may need to wait months or years before they can even embark on their first space mission.

What subjects should I choose to become an astronaut in South Africa?

No matter the background, NASA wants its astronauts to have at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering, biological science, physical science, or mathematics. (The agency maintains a list of exceptions to these degrees, such as geography or aviation management.) Many astronauts have a master’s degree or even a Ph. D.

Is astronaut a good career in South Africa?

While being an astronaut is a prestigious job, candidates often leave flourishing careers to make the trip into space. However, in some cases, they can use their time as astronauts to “level up” in other careers.