Average Salary For Choreographers In South Africa

As a choreographer, you’ll create and plan routines for performance, usually to music. You’ll create dance routines to entertain at live shows, events, or for TV and films. Choreographers often run their own dance schools, which also involves balancing their own accounts and managing costs.


A Choreographer’s Salary In South Africa

The average dancer & choreographer’s gross salary in South Africa is R239,613 or an equivalent hourly rate of R115.

How do you become a choreographer?

Take dance and drama classes at your high school.

Practice at least two different types of dance, such as ballet and modern.

Dance, act, and choreograph numbers in high school productions.

Train and perform with community dance groups.

Enroll in a summer dance camp or workshop.

Where can I study choreography in South Africa?

AFDA – The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance.

Centre for Creative Education.

Rhodes University.

The University of Cape Town.

The University of Fort Hare. Premier.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal. Premier.

The University of the Free State.

How can I learn choreography fast?

DON’T watch the choreographer. Do you have a habit of staring straight at the choreographer when you learn, mirroring their moves every time they demonstrate?

Mess up, then move on.

Don’t dance and just watch.

Take multiple classes in a day.

Expose yourself to more styles of dance.

What skills does a choreographer need?

a creative imagination.

a high level of dancing ability and general fitness.

knowledge of established dance steps and movements.

an excellent sense of rhythm and understanding of the theory of timing in music.

a good ear for music.

a knowledge of human anatomy.

good spatial awareness.