Average Salary For Counsellors In South Africa

A counselor is a person whose job is to give advice to people who need it, especially advice on their personal problems.


A Counsellor Salary In South Africa

A person working in Counseling in South Africa typically earns around 34,500 ZAR per month. Salaries range from 12,500 ZAR (lowest average) to 51,000 ZAR.

How many years does it take to become a counselor?

The length of time it takes to become a counselor depends on a variety of factors.

To become licensed it can take a minimum of three to five years, including the time it takes to get a master’s degree, complete internship hours as well as the hours of post-degree supervised experience.

What benefits do counselors get?

better expression and management of emotions, including anger. relief from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions. increased confidence and decision-making skills. ability to manage stress effectively.

Can I become a Counsellor without qualifications?

There are no set entry requirements to become a counselor as it is a profession that benefits from many skillsets.

Often people move into this career later in life, allowing them to apply a broad range of skills and experience, often motivated by their own challenges to help others.

What jobs are similar to counseling?

High School Teachers.

Probation Officers.

Adult and Vocational Education Teachers.

Social Workers.

Elementary School Teachers.


Public Health Educators.

Special Education Teachers.

What are the 3 types of counseling?

Perhaps the three main approaches are psychodynamic, humanistic, and behavioral.

Each of these has a different theory and ideas underpinning it, and the therapists and counselors using each will approach problems and issues in different ways.

These three main approaches each support a number of individual therapies.