Average Salary For Crane Operators In South Africa

Crane operators control cranes or draglines to lift, move, position, or place machinery, equipment, and other large objects at construction or industrial sites, ports, railway yards, surface mines, and other similar locations. They are employed by construction, mining, shipbuilding, railway, and crane rental companies.


Crane Operator Salary In South Africa

The average pay for a Tower Crane Operator is ZAR 213,456 a year and ZAR 103 an hour in South Africa. The average salary range for a Tower Crane Operator is between ZAR 157,477 and ZAR 263,484.

Is a crane operator a stressful job?

“It’s easily avoidable when you’re paying attention, but you can’t control people on the ground,” Schroedel says a lot of crane operators don’t make it past the first year, and the stress has been compared to that of an air traffic controller.

Is becoming a crane operator hard?

By becoming a certified mobile crane operator, you will become eligible for operating a crane on construction and building sites where heavy materials are moved frequently.

The job of a crane operator is hard, yet rewarding work. It requires a considerable amount of practice and professional training.

Where do crane operators work?

Most crane and tower operators work at construction sites or major ports, where they load and unload cargo.

Some operators work in iron and steel mills.

Although no formal educational credential is usually required, some companies prefer to hire material moving machine operators who have a high school diploma.

How do you become a crane operator?

Earn a High School Diploma or GED.

Take Trade School Courses.

Complete Your General Operator Training.

Enroll in an Apprenticeship Program.

Get Your Crane Operator Certification and Any Required Local Licenses.

Update Your Resume.

Apply for Crane Operator Positions.