Average Salary For Divorce Lawyers In South Africa

Divorce lawyers help you plan every step of your divorce. Divorce lawyers help with grounds for divorce, evidence, property division, alimony and maintenance, child custody & other issues.


Divorce Lawyer Salary In South Africa

The average salary for a Family Law Attorney in South Africa is R200,000.

What type of lawyer gets paid the most in South Africa?

For what they do, tax lawyers tend to be among the highest-paid lawyers, not only in South Africa but in the whole world.

How long does it take to become a divorce lawyer in South Africa?

To become a divorce attorney in South Africa you will need a Bachelor of Law Degree, also called LLB Degree, from a South African university. This first step takes a minimum of 4 years.

What jobs can I get with an LLB law degree in South Africa?

Administrative lawyer.




Case manager.

Commercial rights manager.

Compliance officer.

Compliance specialist.

Which university in South Africa is best for law?

University of Cape Town

QS World Rankings ranks UCT as the top university to study law in South Africa.

The university is recognized for producing law graduates that are highly sought after both locally and internationally.