Average Salary For Financial Managers In South Africa

Financial managers generally oversee the financial health of an organization and help ensure its continued viability. They supervise important functions, such as monitoring cash flow, determining profitability, managing expenses, and producing accurate financial information.


Financial Manager Salary In South Africa

The average salary for a Financial Manager in SA is R 652 000 gross per year (R 54 330 gross per month), which is 131% higher than South Africa’s national average salary. Salary Range: a Financial Manager can expect an average starting salary of R 368 000. The highest salaries can exceed R 1 000 000.

Is financial management a good career in South Africa?

The demand for people working in finance remains high in South Africa.

Research from CareerJunction finds that finance ranks amongst the three highest-demand sectors, after business management and information technology.

Can a CA become a finance manager?

The qualification that more often leads to the CFO corner office is a chartered accountant certification. However, in recent times, we’ve seen a large number of CFOs who hold MBA Finance degrees, instead.

The chief financial officer (CFO) is increasingly being viewed as a business leader rather than a functional head.

How long does it take to become a financial manager in South Africa?

Financial Managers make sure that all a company’s financial transactions are legal and that there are no irregularities. This course can be completed in 12 Months.

What skills are needed to be a money manager?





Interpersonal skills.

Mathematical proficiency.

Attention to detail.


Is financial management a good career?

The job opportunities in financial management are very good.

There is a very broad range that you can hit, starting from processing and clerical work, all the way through to being a slightly more junior manager level. Then also when you can run an entire finance department as well.