Average Salary For Geographer In South Africa

A Geographer is an expert in the study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity, as it affects and is affected by these.


A Geographer’s Salary In South Africa

A Geographer In South Africa Erans Around R516,245 (ZAR)/yr.

What can I do with a geography degree in South Africa?

During classes, students learn about the physical properties of Earth and its resources, as well as its inhabiting human societies. Geography graduates find jobs as cartographers, environmental consultants, town planners, school teachers, and more.

Are geographers in demand?

Despite the consistent need for geographers, the very small size of the occupation results in only between two and five hundred new jobs per decade. Therefore, competition in the field is always extremely intense.

What are the two types of geographers?

Geography’s two main branches are physical geography and human geography.

Geographers identify and locate major physical and human geographic features of various places and regions in the world.

What jobs can a geographer get?

Professionals with a bachelor’s in geography can pursue careers in cartography, surveying, research, and data analysis. With a master’s degree, graduates can work as geographers, survey researchers, and urban planners.

What can I become if I study geography?

Environmental consultant.


Town planner.

Geographical information systems officer.

Conservation officer.

Landscape architect.


Politics or non-profit organizations.

What can I do after BA in geography?

Master in Geographic Information Science and Systems.

Master in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Science.

Master of Arts in Disaster Management.

Master of Arts in Environment and Ecology.

Master of Arts in Geography.

Master of Arts in Geology.