Average Salary For Grade R Teachers In South Africa

Grade R teachers teach Grade R within a prescribed curriculum, according to the relevant Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS) documents. Grade R falls under the Foundational Phase, in which learning content focuses on three subjects, namely Language, Mathematics, and Life Skills.


Grade R Teacher Salary In South Africa

The average salary for a Grade R Teacher in SA is R 86 300 gross per year (R 7 190 gross per month), which is 69% lower than South Africa’s national average salary. Salary Range: a Grade R Teacher can expect an average starting salary of R 71 540. The highest salaries can exceed R 110 000.

What is the role of grade R?

Grade R starts teaching children fundamental skills, such as numbers and letter formation, which form the basis for their continuing education.

They learn the difference between alphabetical and phonetic knowledge, reading, writing, spelling, counting, adding, and subtracting.

Can I teach Grade R with a Diploma?

A Diploma in Grade R Teaching is the lowest qualification needed to teach grade R. After completing this diploma you can take your education further and study towards a Bachelor of Education (B Ed: Foundation Phase).

How much does a primary school teacher earn a month in South Africa?

A mid-career Primary School Teacher with 4-9 years of experience earns an average salary of R 17 000, while an experienced Foundation Phase Teacher with 10-20 years of experience makes on average R 23 000.

Primary School Teachers with more than 20 years of experience may earn more than R 25 000 per month.

Can I teach Grade R with an ECD certificate?

No, you cannot teach Grade R with an Educare Diploma. People who have Educare National qualifications can work in early learning environments such as Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centres.

How long is the Grade R course?

3 years

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching is offered through distance learning over 3 years – full-time or 4 years – part-time.

Can I teach Grade R with Level 4 ECD?

The NQF Level 4 is the minimum qualification required to teach children aged five and younger.