Average Salary For SAP Consultants In South Africa

An SAP consultant is a specialist who helps companies locate the right software to meet their needs. SAP is an acronym for systems, applications,s, and products, and most SAP consultants specialize in one or two areas within the field of data processing: functional or technical.


SAP Consultant Salary In South Africa

The average sap a consultant salary in South Africa is R 1 200 000 per year or R 615 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 729 396 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 7 752 000 per year.

Is SAP a good career?

SAP is definitely a good option for a long-lasting and fulfilling career.

As an IT fresher, ABAP (Technical module) is the best bet. Do not waste your time any further thinking about the other module (HANA, FICO) as they are not recommended for IT freshers.

What does an SAP consultant do?

SAP consultants analyze, design, and configure new computer software and systems in accordance with their employers’ or clients’ specifications, as well as write programs such as forms, specifications, and interfaces.

How do I become an SAP consultant?

College graduation is a minimum requirement.

A degree in computer science or exposure to data/programming-related jobs is essential for technical modules.

SAP Certification of the respective module is necessary and very important.

Is SAP a stressful job?

Stress is the core of the SAP career. If you get an implementation project, from day one you are in a ground hole.

The project has a deadline, normally a few months, and day to day basis progress and performance are judged.

Go-Live time is like hell, u work day and night to ensure that there is no problem on the client side.