Average Salary For Software Developers In South Africa

Software developers are the creative, brainstorming masterminds behind computer programs of all sorts. While some software developers may focus on a specific program or app, others create giant networks or underlying systems that help trigger and power other programs.


Software Developer Salary In South Africa

The average developer salary in South Africa is R 660 000 per year or R 338 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 418 389 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 7 580 107 per year.

Is software development a good career in South Africa?

According to research from CareerJunction, the most sought-after skills in South Africa include software development, middle management, and sales consulting. Graduates and young professionals with these skills, especially software development, are in very high demand locally.

How many years does it take to be a software developer?

It can take anywhere from six months to four years to learn software engineering. If you participate in a coding boot camp or course, you can become a software engineer in six months to a year, on average.

What subjects are needed to become a software developer in South Africa?

– is the ultimate specialist in a very large field.

– hard work.

– have above-average intelligence.

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Sciences.

Degree: BEng Computer Engineering – UP, NWU, or Electronic Engineering – most universities, eg NWU, UP, UJ, UKZN.

What are the skills required for a software developer?

Mathematical aptitude.

Problem-solving skills.

Programming languages (different types of developer roles require different languages)

Excellent organizational and time management skills.

Accuracy and attention to detail.

Where can I study software engineering in South Africa?

University of the Witwatersrand. Various Programmes.

University of Cape Town. Various Programmes.

North-West University. Various Programmes.

University of Johannesburg. Various Programmes.

University of Pretoria. Various Programmes.

University of Stellenbosch.


Cape Peninsula University of Technology.