Average Salary For Statisticians In South Africa

A Statistician is an expert in the preparation and analysis of statistics.


A Statistician Salary In South Africa

The average statistician salary in South Africa is R 4 519 152 per year or R 2 318 per hour. Entry-level positions start at R 630 003 per year, while most experienced workers make up to R 8 704 414 per year.

Are statisticians in demand in South Africa?

They’re definitely rare in South Africa.

That’s because few local universities collaborate with industry to establish what skills are needed and to tailor curriculums to meet demand.

Where do statisticians work in South Africa?

Statisticians also find employment within government institutions.

In South Africa for example, one such institution includes Statistics South Africa.

Stats SA jobs include everything from Chief Survey Statisticians and Monitoring and Control Managers, to Asset Managers and Principle Methodologists and Economists.

How do I become a statistician in South Africa?

Degree: Prospective statisticians can follow a BSc degree in Statistics or Mathematical Statistics.

Normally this would be combined with Computer Science.

Students must compile their courses according to university regulations.

What to study to become a statistician?

Educational Qualification:

Candidates should either have a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree which provides a good foundation in mathematics/ statistics/ computer science/ economics/ econometrics/ material science.

The degree/s must have been issued by a recognized university.

How do I become a successful statistician?

Analytical Skills. One of the primary job duties of a statistician is to analyze data.

Strong Mathematical Abilities.

Statisticians must have strong mathematical abilities.

Ability to Solve Problems.

Excellent Communication Skills.

Comfort With Technology and Computers.