Average Salary For The Army In South Africa

An army, ground force, or land force is a fighting force that fights primarily on land. In the broadest sense, it is the land-based military branch, service branch, or armed service of a nation or state. It may also include aviation assets by possessing an army aviation component.


Below are salaries earned by Army In South Africa

SA Army Salary
You should note that the South African Army salary is like every other military system, salary varies according to rank.

Meaning that the higher your rank as a military officer the higher your salary.

See from the table below the salaries of the South African Army.

An officer in the SA Army receives an average of R300 000 – R900 000 per annum.

The specific salaries are dependent on the rank of the officer. See the image below for more on the salary of the SA army.


South Africa Army Ranks

The SA army ranks are no different from other armies in the world. South African Army has the following ranks.

The ranking system used by our dear nation was derived from that of the British Army. SA Army ranks have been categorized into three, they are:

  • Officers
  • Warrant officers
  • Other ranks

South Africa Army Officers ranks


Lieutenant General

Major General







2nd Lieutenant

Candidate Officer

Warrant Officers Rank

Senior warrant officer

Master warrant officer

Chief warrant officer

Senior chief warrant officer

Master chief warrant officer

Other ranks

Warrant officer 1

Warrant officer class

Staff sergeant



Lance corporal

How much does the South African army earn per month?

The average SANDF Soldier’s monthly pay in South Africa is approximately R 12 397, which is 17% above the national average.

How long does SA Army training take?

South African Army recruits undergo 22 weeks of basic military training (BMT), up from 14 weeks in 2005. BMT is the first of a series of training periods undertaken at the SA Army Training Depot in Kimberley.

Are tattoos allowed in the SA Army?

The army bans having a tattoo on the head, neck, and face. Tattoos above the shirt collar (class A) are not allowed. Tattoos below the wrist bone are allowed. Tattoos that hamper the professional appearance of the military are not allowed.

How old must you be to join the South African army?

If you would like to join the army reserves, you have to meet the following requirements: A South African citizen. Medically, mentally and battle fit. Between the ages of 18 and 26 years (the required age varies according to the category of training/service) when joining for the first time

How do I apply for the SA Army?

How To Apply For Jobs At The SA Army

Visit the Department of Defence’s Official website.

Download the SA Army application form or the SANDF application form.

Submit the following documents with your application form.

Once you have completed the form, you can submit your application with the required documentation to:

What does the South African army do?

The primary mission of the SANDF is to defend South Africa against external military aggression. The other functions are secondary. The size, design, structure, and budget of the SANDF will therefore be determined mainly by its primary mission.