Average Salary For Traffic Officers In South Africa

A traffic officer means any person employed by a city, county, or city and county to monitor and enforce state laws and local ordinances relating to parking and the operation of vehicles.


Traffic Officer’s Salary South Africa

The average salary for a Training Officer in South Africa is R253,757.

What is the role of a traffic officer?

coordinating the resources of the emergency services. 

managing traffic to reduce incident-related congestion. 

clearing debris from the carriageways. 

re-opening routes as soon as it is safe to do so.

What do I need to be a traffic officer?

Minimum educational qualification of matric or grade 12 or equivalent.

Code B driving license (manual transmission).

No Criminal record.

Medical Certificate as proof that a person can do strenuous exercise.

How do I become a traffic officer in South Africa?

Be a South African.

Be a Grade 12 or its equivalent NQF level 4.

Have no criminal record.

Have a Medical Certificate that allows you to do strenuous activities.

Should not be older than 35 years.

Have a Code B driving Licence (manual transmission).

Can a traffic officer have tattoos in South Africa?

officers within the Road Traffic Inspectorate to embrace and comply with this Dress Code. 

Visible tattoos are not permitted. approval of the Director and must be concealed.