Average Salary For Virologist In South Africa

Virologists are medical doctors that oversee the diagnosis, management, and prevention of infection. They’re also scientists, who may drive research on various aspects of viruses. A virologist may be both a scientist and a physician.


Virologist Salary In South Africa

The average virologist salary in South Africa is R651,631 or an equivalent hourly rate of R313.

What education is needed to be a virologist?

Aspiring virologists need to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology or a virology-related science that includes courses in cell biology, biochemistry, microbiology, immunology, and molecular biology.

Cell biology and biochemistry courses are particularly important.

Where can I study Virology in South Africa?

University of Stellenbosch

The Division of Medical Virology of the University of Stellenbosch is recognized as a leader in the field of viral diagnostics and virological research in South Africa, and for the contribution, it makes internationally.

How do I become a virologist?

Get your bachelor’s degree. Many virologists start their education by earning a bachelor’s degree in a scientific subject like chemistry or biology.

Apply for medical school.

Finish Ph.

Attend medical school.

Pursue your residency or research training.

Receive your medical license.

What is BSc Virology?

The BSc Virology and Immunology is a three-year duration undergraduate science course.

The research activities are tremendous which makes the field of Virology more fascinating.

Research studies and activities on viruses are tested on animals.

Do you need to go to med school to be a virologist?

Most virologists have not only a bachelor’s degree, but a doctorate as well.

Students who wish to become virologists should also plan to complete postdoctoral research training as well as become licensed medical doctors to work in this field.