Average Salary For Wedding Planner In South Africa

Full-service wedding planners, as the name suggests, provide an all-inclusive approach to planning your wedding day. They start the planning process alongside the bride and groom, around 9-12months before your actual wedding day, and help bring the vision for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and after-parties to life.


Wedding Planner Salary In South Africa

Wedding planners can cost anywhere between R10 000 – R85 0000, depending on the package you choose and what it entails.

How much does a wedding cost for 100 guests in South Africa?

Costs vary greatly depending on the size and location of the wedding.

According to professional wedding planners, Great Occasions, the average cost of a wedding in South Africa is between R70,000 – R80,000 for 80 to 100 people.

Can I be an event planner without a degree?

You don’t need a degree to become an event planner, but certain qualifications and certificates can help you get noticed—and hired.

There are dozens of colleges and universities that offer degrees in related fields, stand-alone event courses, meeting designations, and certificate programs.

How do I start my own event planning business in South Africa?

Listen to your client.

Always be a step ahead.

Brainstorm for ideas.

Create memorable, immersive experiences.

Be authentic.

Don’t be scared to share your ideas and collaborate.

Use social media to stand out.

Create a website and show-stopping portfolio.

How do I become a professional planner?

Step 1: Candidate Membership.

Step 2: Mentorship.

Step 3: Logging Work Experience.

Step 4: Ethics & Professionalism Course.

Step 5: The Professional Examination.