Average Salary For Youtubers In South Africa

A YouTuber is an individual who produces videos on the video-sharing platform YouTube, specifically whose main or only platforms are one or multiple YouTube channels, or personalized subpages of the platform.


Youtuber Salary In South Africa

YouTube is one of the best ways to earn money in South Africa, it pays R10 to R20 for 1000 views.

The number of views depends on various factors, one of them being the geographical region of views.

Who is South Africa’s biggest YouTuber?

Trevor Noah. Trevor Noah.

Caspar Lee. Caspar Lee.

Die Antwoord. Image: instagram.com @dieantwoord.

Cobus Potgieter. Cobus Potgieter.

Theodora Lee. Theodora Lee.


Dragons. Johan Kruger’s channel.

Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues. Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues.

Do YouTubers pay tax in South Africa?

In effect, YouTubers will pay taxes on all revenue, i.e., the royalties, generated from YouTube.

This includes earnings from ad views, YouTube premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships. These taxes are due to the country where that income is generated from.

How can I be a YouTuber?

Decide on Your Niche.

Outline Your Channel Goal.

Brainstorm Content Ideas.

Develop a Content Schedule.

Assess Your Equipment.

Create and Optimise Your Channel.

Upload and Learn from Your First Video.