Average Size Of Parking Bay In South Africa

According to the 1985 guidelines, and the current South African national code, a typical 90-degree parking bay, like those commonly found in underground parking garages, should be at least 2.5 meters wide by 5 meters deep.


Average Size Of Parking Bay In South Africa

What is the size of a parking bay in South Africa?

A parking bay next to a wall should be 0.35 m wider, however, to allow for the opening of doors. This results in a bay size of 5 m in length and 2.85 min width. When the standard parking bay width is known, the width parallel to the end-of-stall line can be de- termined for different angles.

What is the standard size of a parking bay?

At present, parking bays are permitted to be constructed with the following dimensions. These can have a minimum length and width of 4.5m and 1.8m, and a maximum of 6.6m and 2.7m respectively.

How big is a parallel parking space in South Africa?

For parallel parking – A parking bay 7m long and 2.6m wide with a vertical kerb on one side and obstacles.

How do you calculate parking space per square meter?

Theoretically, the requirement of parking space amount can calculated using the ratio method R = L / SRP. The ratio method is based on the ratio of the floor area of the building (L) to the units of parking space (SRP), which is divided into road sections or parking blocks.

What are parking standards?

A minimum of 6 meters will be required between parallel rows of parking bays. 4.6 The minimum internal space for a single garage should be not less than 3.0m x 5.5m, with the entrance to the garage maximizing the available width. The minimum garage forecourt space should be not less than 2.6m x 6.0m.