Average Snowfall In South Africa

What is Snow?


Snow comprises individual ice crystals that grow while suspended in the atmosphere—usually within clouds—and then fall, accumulating on the ground where they undergo further changes.

How much snow does South Africa get?

Snow is a rare occurrence, with snowfall having been experienced in May 1956, August 1962, June 1964, September 1981, August 2006 (light), on 27 June 2007, accumulating up to 10 centimeters (3.9 in) in the southern suburbs, and most recently on 7 August 2012.

What is winter like in South Africa?

South Africa’s winter is mostly pleasant sunny weather with cloudless blue skies, punctuated now and then by a few days of cold fronts. In the high interior plateau winter days are dry and sunny, with clear skies and crisp air. The nights are chilly. Temperatures only drop to freezing when a cold front sweeps in.

What’s the coldest it gets in South Africa?

Johannesburg saw a record-low of -7ºC (19.4ºF), beating the previous record low of -6.3ºC from July 19, 1995.

The coldest minimum was recorded in the city of Kimberley in the Northern Cape province, which saw the mercury plummet to -9.9ºC (14ºF). Some parts of the country were covered in snow.

Does it snow in winter in South Africa?

Autumn or fall in South Africa is April to May. It is generally warm and dry with days getting shorter and the temperature cooling as it gets closer to winter. Winter in South Africa is June to August.

Does it snow in Johannesburg?

According to South African Weather Service records, it has only snowed in Johannesburg on 22 other days in the last 103 years, AP news agency reports.

The last snow fell in the city in June 2007 and before that in September 1981.

Where does it snow the most in South Africa?

Hogsback is South Africa’s own Hobbit-land, and if you time your visit right, you might find yourself in a snowy fairytale.

The Hogsback mountains are snow-capped in winter and the quaint town is worth a visit, with or without snowflakes. Close to Bloemfontein, the Golden Gate gets a lot of snow almost every winter.