Average Speed Cameras In South Africa

How does average speed cameras work in South Africa?


The system uses average-speed-over-distance (ASOD) technology which calculates the average speed of a vehicle, measured from the time it passes a camera until it reaches a second camera at a fixed distance away.

Average Speed Cameras In South Africa

Can average speed cameras fine you?

Unless you stop between paired cameras, stopping has no effect on the average speed data. No flash means no fine – Wrong.

Because average speed cameras use infra-red, there’s no need for a flash. You’re unlikely to be fined twice on the same stretch of road – Wrong.

How do you know if you’ve been caught by an average speed camera?

Average speed cameras FAQs

Average speed cameras do not flash as other fixed speed cameras do.

This is because they use infra-red light to read your number plate in low light and poor weather conditions. There is no visual indication of being caught by an average speed camera.

How far can a speed camera catch you South Africa?

There shall be no metal road signs or vertical flat surfaces within 15 degrees on either side of the aiming direction, within a distance of 200m of the antenna. 

The equipment may only be used where there is a clear view within 45 degrees of the direction of aim over a distance of 600m.

How does average speed prosecution work?

The ASOD system calculates the average speed of a vehicle from the time it passes the first camera until it passes the second camera. The average speed is then determined by the that it has taken a vehicle to travel from point A (where the first camera is located) to point B (where the second camera is located).

How much can you go over the speed limit in South Africa?

The speed limit tolerance in South Africa is 10km/h. While it used to be 10% of the speed, it was simplified to allow for a smoother and more efficient system to be used.

This means that you will only be fined if you are caught going over 10km/h faster than the posted speed limit.

Do speed cameras flash in SA?

If a vehicle is detected exceeding the speed limit or running a red light, the camera and flash are activated to take a photo and a fine is issued.