Average Time To Find A Job In South Africa

Employment and labour minister Thulas Nxesi has published data on South Africa’s high unemployment rate, and how many people are not finding work.


Responding in a written parliamentary Q&A question, Nxesi was asked how many young people (aged 15-24) remain unemployed in South Africa after they reach the age of 35 and beyond.

The minister said the only data available is in Statistics South Africa’s Q4 2020 Quarterly Labour Force Survey, which shows how many South Africans in this age group or sitting without work, and for how long.

According to the data, approximately 1.3 million people aged 15-24 sit without work in South Africa for at least three months, but the vast majority of these people (over 1 million) are stuck without work for a minimum of 12 months.

This is exacerbated by low levels of education, where the largest proportion of unemployed youth are those with a matric, or without any formal qualifications at all (1.23 million), and these South Africans are also the least likely to find any formal employment over a longer period of time.

Average Time To Find A Job In South Africa

How hard is it to find a job in South Africa?

It can be tough to get work as a migrant in South Africa unless you have specific skills and qualifications needed in the country. Semi-skilled and unskilled jobs are hard to come by and employers prefer to recruit from the pool of unemployed locals

What is the average time it takes someone to find a job?

“On average, it takes about 3-6 months from start to finish to get a job, and you have an 8.3% probability of getting a job interview from one job application,” explains Flex Jobs Career Coach, Cidnye Work.

What are the chances of getting a job in South Africa?

The chances of getting employed in South Africa are very low. There are many graduates who are not employed. According to South African statistics, about 32.9% of the youth aged 15-34 are unemployed. This is usually caused by the economy not having enough funds.