Average Tip In South Africa

10 to 20 %


Tipping is standard practice in South Africa to tip your waiter or waitress 10 to 20 % of the total bill.08 Jul 2014

Is tipping common in South Africa?

South Africa has a tipping culture, and the general rule is we start at 10%. Many people who work in the service industry rely on these tips to make a living wage, so often tips are higher than 10%.

How much do you tip a driver in South Africa?

What is the recommended tip amounts for drivers ,trackers and other staff. Also for tipping private guides in Cpt. Our travel agency recommends per couple $25 a day for driver,$12 a day for tracker $12 a day for staff.

How much does the average person tip?

20 percent

The average tip for perfect service in the U.S. is 20 percent. However, that number can fall as low as 6 percent for bad service.

Tipping averages also vary based on the gender of the customer, the region of the country, and the specific services provided (or not provided).

What is a good tip in South Africa?

tipping etiquette for restaurants in South Africa

It is customary to tip good service in South Africa. An acceptable amount is 10-15%. If you have six or more in your party, restaurants will generally add a gratuity to your bill.

How much do you tip a porter in South Africa?

Hotels. At hotels it is customary to leave R50 per person per day for housekeeping. If a porter assists with your bags, it’s normal to tip the porter R15 per movement, assuming about two normal-size bags per person. Outside of larger cities, you may be asked to pay your tips to the hotel front desk.

How much do you tip a game ranger in South Africa?

Depending on the vehicle and the number of guests, Rangers are $10. You should double the amount per guest to either 30 or 50 dollars per vehicle. Each day, $5 is charged for tracking, butlers, and valets.

Can I tip in US dollars in South Africa?

While service-providers in many African countries will gladly accept US Dollars, it is sometimes more appropriate to tip in the local currency. In South Africa, for example, tips should be given in Rand.