Average Weight Of A Cow in Kg In South Africa

450 to 470 kg


Mean cow mass in South Africa is 450 to 470 kg, with smaller breeds like the Nguni averaging 390 kg and larger breeds like the Simmental averaging 540 kg.

Average Weight Of A Cow in Kg In South Africa

How many kg is a normal cow?

The size and weight of a cow is highly dependent on the breed. Mature males weigh 450–1,800 kg (1,000–4,000 pounds) and females weigh 360–1,100 kg (800–2,400 pounds).

What is the standard weight of a cow?

For seven most popular breeds, the average mature cow weight is around 1,400 pounds. Hereford is the heaviest at 1,419 lbs. after which comes Angus and Red Angus at 1,410 lbs. and 1,409 lbs respectively.

How much does a full grown cow cost in South Africa?

How much does a cow have in South Africa? Cattle prices were expected to average $107.67 per month in 2020. Cattle prices averaged $117.15 per hundredweight in 2019, up from $117 in 2018.

How Much Does A Bull Cost In South Africa?

Cow & Calf (14)R 21 071R 38 000

What is the average size of a cow?

The average Dairy Cow has an overall height of 62.0″-69.0″ (1.6-1.8 m), withers height of 54.0″-60.0″ (1.37-1.5 m), and body length of 92.0″-103.0″ (2.3-2.6 m).

A typical Dairy Cow weighs between 1,400-2,000 lb (635-907 kg) and has a lifespan of roughly 4-5 years (farm); 20 (natural).

How much is a male cow in South Africa?

Adelaide Sale 06 April 2022

Prices were as follows: Description No Average Price Average Price/kg A GRADE (THIN) 1 R11,100.00 R26. 12 AB GRADE (THIN) 2 R6,050.00 R18. 47 BULL (SLAUGHTER) 6 R17,716.67 R26. 31 COW (VERY THIN) 4 R9,000.00 R20.

How much does a 2 year old cow weigh?

1,082 pounds

The 2-year-old weighed 1,082 pounds (4.9), 3-year-olds 1,184 (5), 4-year-olds 1,255 (5), 5-year-olds 1,279 (5.1), 6-year-olds 1,301 (5.2) and the 7-year-olds 1,304 (5.2). One should note that cows keep growing until they reach 7 years of age in this data set.

How much is a Brahman cow in South Africa?

The average price for bulls was R82 500, with the highest being R200 000, as mentioned. The average price for cows was R40 000 and heifers R37 000.

How much does a cow cost in rands?

A pregnant cow costs 18,730 rand and takes 12 months before the newborn calf can be sold for a return, while investing in a calf costs 11,529 rand and takes six months for it to grow enough to be sold.

Which cattle breed is best for beef in South Africa?

South African cattle typically bred for the beef industry include:

  • Afrikaner Cattle, which are also particularly suited to dairy farming.
  • Angus Beef/Aberdeen Angus, one of the first cattle breeds bred exclusively for beef production.