Basin Prices In South Africa

What is Basin?


A drainage basin is any area of land where precipitation collects and drains off into a common outlet, such as into a river, bay, or other body of water.

Basin Prices In South Africa

Which type of basin is best?

The most widely recognized material for a bathroom basin is Ceramic.

These basins are very popular among the crowd as they are available in various designs and shapes. They are inexpensive, durable, and easy to clean and maintain.

What is the standard basin size?

On average, circular or oval sinks range between 16” to 20” wide, while rectangular sinks can be found between 19” and 24” wide and 16” to 23” front to back. In terms of depth, a vanity sink usually ranges between 4” and 8”, though larger sinks maybe 10” deep.

What is the minimum size of the basin?

Which dimensions define a small washbasin? A washbasin is small when it is less than 60 cm wide. Small washbasins are suitable for bathrooms with reduced dimensions, a so-called quarter of half bathrooms. They are suitable, however, also for master bathrooms and full bathrooms which give a bit of luxury to your home.

How do you buy a basin?

Things To Consider When Buying a New Basin

  1. Bathroom Size. Basins are available in various sizes and styles, so keep that in mind when selecting the one that best fits your needs.
  2. Basin Height.
  3. Mounting Options.
  4. Basin Taps.
  5. Wall-Mounted Basins.
  6. Pedestal Basins.
  7. Counter-Top Basins.