Bass Shoes Prices In South Africa

What are Bass Shoes?

Bass & Co. began with a man on a simple mission – “To make the best possible shoe for the purpose for which it was intended.”


In 1936, the brand put a stylish spin on a Norwegian farm shoe designed for “loafing in the field,” and playfully dubbed them Weejuns – introducing the world’s very first penny loafer.

Bass Shoes Prices In South Africa

Is Bass shoes a good brand?

Bass is a classic American brand with nearly 150 years in the footwear game. A legacy like that doesn’t come from a low-quality product. 

Their shoes are made of high-quality materials and are serviceable by a cobbler, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Where are bass weejun shoes made?

Bass Weejuns, I discovered, had been made at the G. H. Bass in Wilton, Me., ever since they were introduced in the mid-1930s.

Where are bass shoes manufactured?

For 122 years, G.H. Bass & Co. has made shoes in Wilton, population 4,000, and its Weejun loafers, boots, and dress shoes have been part of almost everyone’s family in one way or another. But now the Bass factory is moving operations to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic in search of cheap labor.

Where are bass boots made?

G.H. & Bass Co., known for their signature “weeks” — often dubbed as the original penny loafer — was also founded there more than 100 years ago. Not sure what’s in the water up there, but we’d like some. This brings us to Bass’s “Made in Maine” project — a return back to their roots if you will.

Are Bass shoes still made?

Phillips-Van Heusen Corp., Bass’ parent company, is shutting its plant here–eliminating 350 jobs–and moving the manufacturing operations to other factories in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, far from the Yankees who made the shoes popular.