Buffalo City TVET College Career Guidance

Buffalo City TVET College Career Guidance

Students at Buffalo City TVET College may access a variety of support services to assist them with coping with a range of problems and difficulties, whether personal, career paths or academic.
These services are provided free of charge:


Counselling and Life skills programmes

  • Individual counselling on a one-to-one basis and focus groups discussions.
  • These sessions are private and confidential
  • Support groups involving the broader community

Academic development

  • Improving academic performance
  • Assistance with study methods, exam preparation and time management
  • Services for disabled or special needs students are given priority

Career Advisory Services

  • Career guidance and job placement
  • Career guidance and career interest assessments
  • Entrepreneurship Development and Career Exhibitions
  • Online applications
  • Workshops and training for job-hunting
  • CV writing and interview skills
  • Job Readiness

Placement Assessment

The Competency and placement (CAP) Assessment is administered by the Career Guidance Practitioners to first-time students at Buffalo City TVET College. The test is not a pass or fail test. Rather it is part of the process to guide prospective students in choosing the right programme. Results for the CAP assessment assist in identifying students who will require further interventions for their numerical and literacy competency.

Career Guidance Practitioners Contact or Create open login for our registered students to contact us by students leaving his/her details and nature of a challenge need attention.