Bursary : Foodbev Seta Bursary Programme

Foodbev Seta Bursary Programme

Closing Date : March.

Field of Study:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering
  • Civil & Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Economics & Management
  • Electrical & Information Engineering

Bursary Details:

As a part of its skills development initiatives, FoodBev SETA awards bursaries annually for studies aligned to critical and scarce skills identified in the food and beverages manufacturing sector. These critical and scarce skills are identified through annual reports submitted by employers, as required by the Skills Development Act.


FoodBev SETA invites full-time students to apply for bursaries for studies conducted during 2013, as per the programmes listed below.

UNDERGRADUATE BURSARIES (BF2012U) – First Year Students Only

The following areas have been identified as scarce skills in the Food and Beverages Manufacturing sector:

– BSc Mechanical Engineering
– B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
– BSc Electrical Engineering
– B Tech Electrical Engineering
– BSc Electronics Engineering
– B Tech Electronics Engineering
– B Tech Production Management
– Diploma in Production Management
– Diploma in Packaging Management
– B Com
– B Compt
– B Sc Chemistry/Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Microbiology/Food Science
– B Tech Food Technology
– B Bus Sc Marketing
– Degree in Consumer Science
– Degree in Environmental Health Science

-BSc Oneology

Full time students enrolled for their first year of studies, as stipulated above, for either a 3 or 4 year qualification are invited to apply.


The Bursary Grant is available to full time students to subsidise research and/or innovation project costs leading to a post-graduate qualification, which is deemed to be relevant to the food and beverage manufacturing industry. Preference will be given to research studies leading to a PhD degree.

No applications via mail will be accepted, and no applications received after 15 March will be taken into consideration.

Applications will be adjudicated by a panel of evaluators appointed by FoodBev SETA. The decision of the panel will be ratified by the FoodBev SETA Board and their final decision will be binding.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application at the latest 30 March.

How to Apply:

Click link to download application form

Completed application forms with all supporting documents can be submitted to FoodBev SETA

Applications may be submitted via any one of the following:
– E-mail to bursary@foodbev.co.za
– Fax to 086 649 2279
– Personal delivery to 13 Autumn Street, Rivonia, 2128