Camping Chair Prices In South Africa

What is Camping Chair?

A camping chair, or camp chair, is a lightweight folding chair with a canvas seat and backrest,


which is suitable for use in temporary quarters, typically outdoor settings like camping on holiday, by being portable and easy to set up.

Camping Chair Prices In South Africa?

Spider Pouch Folding Chair


Bush Baby Funky Captain Chair


What should I look for when buying a camping chair?

Size & Weight

Strong enough for anyone who may sit in it (check the chair’s maximum weight).

The right size for the person who’ll sit in it (higher chairs are better for taller people). Light enough to be carried as far as you need to carry it (just to the car or for 20 mins?)

Why are camping chairs so comfortable?

Flat folding camping chairs are very similar to a director’s chair in that they fold flat; however, they feature a tall back that usually has several recline positions, making them much more comfortable.

Some of these high-back camping chairs even have a footrest so that you can lie right back.