Cedarwood School

Cedarwood’s beautiful seven-acre campus is located in a quiet Mandeville neighborhood, just minutes from the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. There are grassy quads with tree shaded areas, gazebo and picnic tables for student gatherings, and creative play equipment.


All current info for parents can be found here. Interested in finding out more about Cedarwood School? Schedule your personal tour today by calling 985-845-7111.See dates and times for all school events on the school calendar.

Admission Process At Cedarwood School

Grade 1 – 6
All applications must accompany the following documents:

– Application Form.
– Proof of payment for the R500 application fee.
– Certified copies of both parents I.D documents.
– Certified copy of the child’s Birth Certificate.
– Copies of the child’s latest school reports for two terms.
– Copies of all therapy reports (any relevant therapist)
– Educational Psychologist assessment (Not older than two years)
Parents are requested to make an application and provide a psycho-educational assessment, as well as a copy of the child’s most recent school report, and any other relevant reports.
An application form is available on the website using this link; (Application For Enrollment)
An application, in itself, does not guarantee placement at the school.
The admissions team will assess the reports and determine availability.
Cedarwood Prep School may contact the applicant’s current school to get more background information and a credit check may be carried out.
If there is no space available, the child’s name is put onto a waiting list. If there is space, a trial week is arranged.
The trial week: The pupil comes to school on Monday at 8h00am. He/she integrates into the classroom for the week. The team (class teacher, relevant therapists) meet on Thursday to discuss the outcome of the 4 days. A decision is made. The Headmaster, class teacher and Head of Therapy meet with the parents on Friday to discuss the outcome. If relevant, the child is offered a place in the school.
If the parents accept the place, they are given an enrolment pack, and a non-refundable admissions fee is payable.
The child may begin at Cedarwood as per the outcome of the feedback, subject to payment of a non-refundable admissions fee and a months school fees in advance.
All pupils enter Cedarwood School on a 1 year (12 months) trial/probation.

Admissions Policy Procedure

Click here to download the Admissions Policy  Procedure


Aftercare Details

Click here to download the Aftercare application details


Application For Enrollment

Click here to download the Application for Enrollment


Aftercare Application Form 2020

Click here to download the Aftercare application form for 2019

Application Requirement Of Cedarwood School

Prep Stationery Requirements

View and download Waltons Back to School Order Forms:

Grade 1 Stationery Requirements

Grade 2 Stationery Requirements

Grade 3 Stationery Requirements

Grade 4 Stationery Requirements

Grade 5 Stationery Requirements

Grade 6 Stationery Requirements

Preschool – 7th Grade Parents Of Applicants Must:

  • Attend an Open House or Daytime Tour
  • Complete the Application for Admission
  • Submit Application fee
  • Submit Birth Certificate
  • Submit Immunization/Physician’s Report (State of Louisiana Certificate of Immunization is required)

Cedarwood will continue to accept applications after the above deadlines. When there is a waiting list in the applicant’s class, the application will be processed. Once the applicant completes the admissions process, the applicant will be informed of his or her eligibility for placement. When a position becomes available, the applicant will be notified immediately.

Fees Structure Cedarwood School

School Fees Structure

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Contact Details

Preparatory Reception:

(011) 465 9830 / (011) 467 4657

College Reception:

(011) 467 4889


Emergency Numbers

Preparatory Cell:

College Cell: