CETA Bursary Scheme

CETA Bursary Scheme

Closing Date : August.

Field of Study:

  • Construction Education and Training Authority(CETA)

Bursary Details:



Bursaries will be made available to develop identified skills, with special emphasis on scarce and critical skills. In order to be eligible for a bursary, applicants will have to fulfill the following criteria:
be in possession of a Senior Certificate / matriculation
have successfully completed one or more years of study at a recognized tertiary institution
be South African citizens
have proof that they are registered or are about to be registered at a tertiary institution recognized by CETA,

The administration of the fund will be undertaken a follows:
4.1 CETA Council
The Council will
be accountable for appointing a Bursary Committee on or before April of each year
allocate a budget annually to support the achievement of its objectives (following consultation with the appropriate structures), and
promote ways to achieve the generation of external funding to support / complement the bursary scheme.

4.2 The Bursary Committee
The Committee will
appoint the Administrators of the bursary scheme, in consultation with the Council the Committee
provide guidelines for the selection of applicants
determine the amount of the bursary for the various tertiary institutions
monitor the performance of the administrators
make recommendations to the CETA Council
approve the service level agreement with the Administrators and in consultation with the CETA Council, approve the administrator&rsquo,s fees, and
approve the advertisement of the Scheme.

4.3 The Administrators
The administrators will be responsible for
receiving all application forms
interviewing and selecting the applications, in conclusion with the various stakeholders
presenting successful applications to the Bursary Committee for ratification
advising successful and unsuccessful applicants
arranging payment for fees
providing counselling, mentoring performance of students
presenting progress reports to the Bursary Committee and
ensuring that students sign the contract.

4.4 Stakeholders / Industry
The Stakeholders will
assist the Administrators with the selection of applicants
adopt successful applicants, i.e. commit to providing experiential learning and permanent employment
assist with counselling, mentoring and monitoring the performance of &ldquo

4.5 The Applicants
The Applicants will be expected
to complete the application form
to avail themselves for interviews and assessment
to provide copy of relevant academic certificates progress reports
to provide testimonials
arranging payment for fees
not to change without prior approval of the Administrators and Committee
to submit all examination results
to advise of changes in address, and
to sign the Bursary Agreement and return it to the CETA


The bursary will cover tuition fees, prescribed books and course material. Notwithstanding this, the amount available for prescribed books and course material will be capped at R3500 per annum. This amount may be amended by the Committee from time to time.
Residence / accommodation needs will only be considered under deserving circumstances.
The continuation of bursaries for subsequent years of study will be subject to the satisfactory progress of the student and the availability of funds.
A student who repeats a year of study will do so at his/her own expense. If he/she passes, he/she may re-apply for a bursary for the following year. Assistance will not be automatic.
The bursary will be paid directly to the accredited tertiary institutions by the Administrators on behalf of the student


The student, upon successful completion of his/her studies, will be expected to work in a South African based construction company for an amount of time equal to the number of years for which he/she received assistance/funding from the CETA. Students will be required to supply the CETA with confirmation of employment on an annual basis.
Wherever possible the Adopting Company and the CETA will arrange for experiential learning for the student.
Should the student fail to meet the terms and conditions of the proposed award or withdraw from the course of study or obtain financial assistance from somewhere without advising the Administration, the bursary / assistance will be cancelled.
In the event of the student being offered employment by the Adoptive Company or within the construction sector after the successful completion of studies, and not being able to fulfill this obligation, the CETA will be entitled to recover the total costs incurred plus interest at current bank overdraft rate or such lesser amount as the seta at its sole discretion may determine.
Should the CETA or Adopting Company be unable to offer employment within 18 months of the successful completion of studies, the student will be released of his/her indebtedness to the CETA

The deadline is 31 August of each year, unless unforeseen circumstances dictate otherwise.
All successful applicants will enter into a signed agreement with the CETA

Candidate Requirements:

Selection will be based on the following criteria:
academic pass in Grade 12, (aggregate of 60%), with Mathematics and Science both at 60% or higher
financial need / status
all applications must be for the next calendar year
passing a standard aptitude test if deemed necessary
application from designated group will be given preference
relevance of the course to the construction sector
medical declaration by applicant
proof of registration / acceptance

How to Apply: