Chance To Win A CETA Bursary

By | December 1, 2016

Chance To Win A CETA Bursary

Are you looking for a bursary to assist you to achieve your future career? CETA bursary can be a bursary that you need. However, are you qualified enough for the bursary opportunity? Expecting the bursary, ensure that you have either matric or senior certificate, successfully complete minimum one year at tertiary institution, you are enrolled into a university that is approved by CETA, and you must be a SA citizen. You pass the least requirements for the bursary at CETA, ensure that you can do the same toward below mentioned qualifications.

Only those aspiring students that are eligible for CETA bursary, say that you consider yourself qualified for the bursary, then you better hold these following; (1)hold average 60% for grade 12 with physical science and maths, but higher will be preferred, (2) you should apply for the next year bursary, (3) registration proof, (4) you are student with disadvantaged background, (5) undergo aptitude test if requested, (6) you apply for the major that is preferred by the official, and (7) good health that is displayed by medical document or some. Now, the coverage of the bursary includes prescribed book, course material and tuition fees. Especially for course material and prescribed book, the fund that is spent is R3500 per year.

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If you want to successfully win the CETA bursary, here are the ways; you need first to complete the application, ensure that you prepare yourself for the assessment and also the interview, prepare testimonial, provide certified copies of all the qualifications that are required, inform your tuition fees, send the results of your examinations, if you want to chance your major, then approval from Administration and Committee are absolute. In addition, you need to sign bursary agreement with CETA. For the closing date, it is closed for every August 31st per year, or it depends on the official.