Chromadek Roofing Sheets Prices In South Africa

What are Chromadek Roofing Sheets?

Chromadek refers to a range of color-coated sheets manufactured by ArcelorMittal in South Africa. The sheets are created through a series of procedures to create a color-based sheet.


The primer and epoxy-coated sheeting come in various colors and can be formed into a number of profile forms.

Chromadek Roofing Sheets Prices In South Africa?

The price of roofing sheets in South Africa is between R97. 5 and R409. 49 per sheet, depending on the thickness.

How long does Chromadek last?

Warranty: ArcelorMittal South Africa guarantees the prime quality of Chromadek® and that the material

will have an aesthetic and functional useful life in the natural elements for a minimum of 10 years prior to perforation from the date of supply.

How strong is Chromadek?

Lighter and stronger: Chromadek®is lighter and stronger than any other roofing material, making roofs up to 80% lighter than other methods like concrete tiles.

This saves on the roof structure, construction time, and equally important, the cost.

Is Chromadek heat resistant?

This advanced paint system incorporates a heat reflective pigment providing an up to 8°C cooler benefit along with improved paint system durability.

The paint system’s durability is measured according to its capability to maintain gloss, color, and film integrity.