Commerce Bursaries South Africa.

Commerce Bursaries South Africa.

If you want to pursue a career in the “corporate world”, you should consider studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree. Some of the BCom qualifications you can pursue include: Accounting, Finance, Business Management, Economics, Auditing, Human Resources Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Taxation and many more.


For those who are interested in finding out how much you could earn once you are qualified and have entered the commerce sector, we have put together a (per annum) salary range for a few commerce related career paths. Please keep in mind that the salary differs according to your level of qualification, years of experience and city that you work in.

Economic Analyst: between R72 000 and R580 000
Accountant: between R120 000 and R500 000
Marketing Manager: between R122 000 and R605 000
Human Resources Manager: between R119 000 and R587 000
Internal Auditor: between R135 000 and R480 000
Financial Accountant: between R182 000 and R509 000
Business Development Manager: between R194 000 and R844 000
Auditing Manager: between R230 000 and R602 000
Tax Manager: between R248 000 and R925 000
Finance Manager: between R289 000 and R758 000
Information Systems Audit Manager: between R306 000 and R840 000
Financial Manager: between R324 000 and R824 000

There are many big name companies like Investec, Old Mutual, Coronation and Metropolitan who are offering bursary programmes to deserving students with strong academic potential. These companies are reaching out to current and future commerce students to help cover the costs of their studies and to help the youth, thereby helping the future of the organisation.

Bursaries and scholarships are usually awarding to students who fit the following criteria: South African citizen with a valid ID document, achieved good results in Matric (particularly in Mathematics, Accounting and English), proven that they require tertiary funding, able to lead as well as work within a team, analytical thinker and strong communicator.

If you foresee a career within the COMMERCE field and fit the criteria outlined above, the bursaries and scholarships listed below could be suitable for you.


Asset managers are there to assist in all aspects of an assigned portfolio, from administrative aspects to capital, financial and operational aspects. Asset managers are generally known as those who work within the financial sector, managing investments on behalf of their clients.
An Asset manager earns an average annual salary of R370 000.


Business managers are responsible for managing employee activities, from hiring to training and evaluating new employees. They also ensure that their department or company is on target to meet financial goals.
The average annual salary for a business manager is around R380 000.


Corporate governance is the systems of processes, practices and rules which a company is directed and controlled by. Corporate governance includes balancing the interests of customers, suppliers, shareholders, managers, financiers, community and government.


An economists job usually includes researching and analyzing economic issues and providing specialist advice. They conducting surveys and collecting data, and thereafter analyzing the data via statistical techniques and mathematical models.
Economists usually earn around R250 000 per annum.


Fiscal analysts gather financial data, this data is then compiled into a spreadsheet, and thereafter the analysis of financial activity for top level management. They assist with preparing reports, developing and monitoring budgets and tracking market trends, as well as analyzing company budget and financial activities and estimating upcoming income and expenses.
The average annual salary for a entry-level financial analyst is around R315 000, while the average annual salary for a professional financial analyst is around R360 000.


The Commerce sector is very vast, from finance-related fields to marketing, sales and human resources. The list of bursaries below cover all fields within the commerce industry.


As a human resources specialist, you are responsible for the recruitment of new employees, as well as screening, interviews and placement. HR specialists may also handle payroll and benefits, as well as employee relations and training.
HR officers must ensure that their company employs the correct balance of staff with regards to experience and skills and to ensure that training and development opportunities are available to employees to better their performance and therefore achieve company goals.
The average annual salary for a HR consultant is around R233 000, while a HR generalist earns around R236 000 per annum and a HR manager around R318 000 per annum.


Investment fund managers are those who provide financial services and advice to both corporate and private clients regarding many investment matters, to help clients invest their money in the best way possible – this includes buying and selling investment share, trusts and bonds.
Investment analysts are those who provide financial advice, information and recommendations to
fund managers, stockbrokers and stock market traders, which has been derived from global investment data.
The average annual salary for a Portfolio Manager (entry level) is around R322 000.
The average annual salary for an Investment Analyst is around R303 000.


The main aim of all employees within the Marketing field is to maximise profits by developing and implementing sales strategies that match customer needs and promoting these ideas, goods or services to the public.
Here are the average annual salaries for positions within the Marketing sector:
Marketing Assistant: R124 000
Marketing Executive: R132 000
Marketing Coordinator: R173 000
Digital Marketing Manager: R300 000
Marketing Manager: R323 000
Online Marketing Manager: R330 000
Online Marketing Specialist: R540 000
Marketing Director: R790 000


Purchasing agents (also known as “buyers” or “purchasers”) are responsible for buying supplies for their company to use or resell to customers. Buyers or purchasers use their negotiation and persuasion skills to find the best deals.
Buyers earn an average annual salary of R186 000 – with assistant buyers earning around R130 000 per annum, junior buyers earning around R138 000 per annum and senior buyers earning around R320 000 per annum.
Purchasing Managers on the other hand, earn around R360 000 per annum.


Risk managers are responsible for advising companies of any potential risks to the existence or profitability of the company. Risk managers identify and assess risks, create plans to implement should things go wrong and find ways to reduce, transfer or avoid risks for companies.
Risk managers earn an average annual salary of R480 000 and senior risk managers earn an average annual salary of R730 000.


Retail managers are responsible for all aspects of daily supervision of retail stores – this includes the supervision of employees, sales, stock and resources.
Retail sales assistants are responsible for assisting customers in store and ensuring an enjoyable shopping experience.
The average annual salaries for employees within the Sales/ Retail industry are:
Retail Sales Assistant: R54 000
Sales Associate: R82 000
Sales Consultant: R100 000
Retail Store Manager: R130 000


Transport economists are responsible for comparing the benefits of a project in comparison to the cost of the project – this involves estimation of costs such as operation costs. Transport economists are involved in the planning phase of projects to determine whether an investment is justifiable and feasible.