Constantia Waldorf School

Constantia Waldorf School was established in 1967 on a farm in what was then rural Constantia, in the southern suburbs of Cape Town. It was the first Waldorf school in Africa. Our school is co-educational and offers a modern, comprehensive Waldorf Curriculum from Playgroup to Matric, designed to meet the physical, emotional, and cognitive needs of the growing child at various stages of development.


Fees Structure Constantia Waldorf School

The financial liquidity of the Constantia Waldorf School is dependent on the prompt payment of school fees by parents/guardians.
All monthly/termly fees are to be PAID IN FULL IN ADVANCE on or before the 1st working day of every month or prior to the start of each term.

  1. A monthly DEBIT ORDER or STOP ORDER payment over 12 months, January to December is our preferred method of payment.
  2. Monthly (EFT) Electronic Funds Transfer or (CSH) CASH methods of payments may only be done over 10 months (January to October) by condition of entry arrangement.
  3. Your child’s full name and fee account reference number should appear on the deposit slip to be faxed to us at 086 260 1221 or emailed to
  4. We prefer not to accept cash at school.
    A 3% rebate is offered for annual fees paid in advance, by 15 January 2019. Interest of all fees payments made in advance will be retained by the school.

  6. Failure by parents/guardians to make fee payments by the 1st working day of every month or prior to the start of the new term will result in a late payment charge of R250 per month.
  7. Repeated late payments will not be allowed nor tolerated.
  8. Outstanding fees of the previous MONTH/TERM /YEAR will be handed over to the attorneys of Constantia Waldorf School for collection. Parents/Guardians will be liable for payment of costs
    on the scale as between attorney and client, including collection charges.
  9. Parents/Guardians will be requested to immediately remove the children from school.
    (Only in exceptional circumstances, and at the discretion of the Board of Trustees and Debtors Mandate Group, will a pupil be allowed to enter a new term if any portion of the fees of the previous
    month/term or year is unpaid.)

Fee Schedule

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Constantia Waldorf School Parent Application Requirements

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Marlene Nieuwenhuis

Phone    + 27 (0)21 794 2103
Fax    + 27 (0)86 240 1221