Details of the Benefits of the South African Air Force Fund

By | October 19, 2017

Details of the Benefits of the South African Air Force Fund



Membership Benefits Provided by the Fund
  • Affordable Advances and Term Loans
  • Life Assurance
  • Free or Half Tariff Accommodation
  • Free Group Life Assurance
  • Free Membership to the Linric Club (Reduced rate for retired members)
  • Study Grants
  • Holiday Accommodation
  • Retirement Gratuity
  • Loans to SA Air Force Bases/Units
  • Financial Assistance for Members who play sport for South Africa at Provincial and International level

Affordable Advances and Term Loans

An agreement has been concluded with SWU Credit Solutions (Pty) Ltd. for Air Force Fund members to obtain affordable PayDay Loans between R500.00 and R2,500.00 provided that the member meets the qualifying criteria as per the National Credit Act (NCA). If you would like to apply for a PayDay Loan, click here.


Life Assurance

The under mentioned Air Force Fund accredited companies/organizations, with which the Air Force Fund has an agreement, offer Air Force Fund members group schemes, family insurance schemes and burial insurance schemes investment advice at reasonable rates:

Company Telephone
Assupol (012) 366 3705
Avbob (012) 303-1229
Metropolitan Group Schemes (012) 401-0960
Old Mutual Group Schemes (012) 683-040?
Old Mutual Personal Finance (012) 483-5030
Sanlam (012) 683-0732
Sanlam Sky (011) 359 7869


Free or Half Tariff Accommodation

Fifty-two weeks Air Force Fund holiday accommodation (out of season) are made available from 1st January to 31 December each year to selected Air Force Bases and Units for allocation to regular force, reserve force members and SA Air Force Public Service appointed personnel who excel in their work related tasks.

All regular force, reserve force and PSAP members of the South African Air Force are eligible to participate in the scheme. Air Force Fund member’s accommodation is absolutely free but non-members must pay half of the standard fee.

Bases/units identify the qualifying member and issue him/her with a letter of award. The award winner must contact the Air Force Fund personally to arrange accommodation. (Please Note: Members will personally be liable for any loss or damage at the holiday unit.)

The awards may not be discounted for cash or sold or transferred to another person or carried over to the following year. Members who book the accommodation and do not make use of it will be liable for the full accommodation fee for the period. The SAAF Fund owned Kruger Park Lodge, Castleburn and timeshare weeks are excluded from this ruling.

Bases/units must promote the Air Force Fund’s image during the handing over of the awards.


Free Group Life Assurance

Every contributing beneficiary of the Fund enjoys free group life assurance to the amount of R30 000-00 whilst he/she is in the service of the South African Air Force or the Department of Defense. In the event of a claim the proceeds of the assurance may be paid directly to widow/widower or to the heir nominated in a will if the will is not contested. If any doubt exists as to the identification of the rightful heir a letter of authority must be obtained from the Master of the High Court or a magistrate or the proceeds of the assurance must be forwarded to the executor of the estate as soon as an executor has been appointed. In the event of a claim the following documents must be submitted to the Fund by the relevant base/unit:

  • An original certified copy of the death certificate.
  • A certified copy of the last will and testament of the deceased or a letter from the Master of the High Court or Magistrate office as to the disposal of the assets.
  • Last available pay sheet.
  • Certified copy of the deceased’s identification document.
  • In the event of a claim the widow/widower or the heir nominated in the will must proceed with the claim immediately after death. The insurers require that claims be submitted within 30 days after the date of death.
  • In the event where a death certificate is not immediately available and the officer commanding of the base/unit has issued a certificate certifying that the member is deceased the officer commanding must also undertake to reimburse the Fund in the event of an incorrect or fraudulent payment occurring at the base/unit.


Free Membership to the Linric Club (Reduced rate for retired members)

The Linric Holiday and Travel Club offers fantastic discounted holidays, accommodation, travel and convenient special services. Membership is free to all paying members of the Air Force Fund. Retired members pay R79-00 per annum to retain their membership of the holiday and travel club. Book now & save up to 50% off on:

Accommodation and holiday venues

  • A choice of over 700 facilities countrywide.
  • Several hotels & lodges in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi & Zambia.
  • Up to 20% off at Caraville facilities.
  • Timeshare resort holiday specials – Low Season.
  • Forever Aventura Resorts discounts of 50% during low & 20% during peak periods.
  • Discounts all year at many facilities.
Travel Smart Transport Offers
  • 10% Discount on Greyhound bus liner.
  • 10% Discount on Intercape & Luxliner.
  • Save 10% on Spoornet train travel.
  • Low domestic airfare offers.
  • Local car hire daily specials with Tempest & National Alamo.
  • Car rental specials in Namibia with unlimited mileage.
  • KFA camper. 4×4 and double cab rental specials in Namibia.
  • 7% Discount on Starlight Cruises.
  • 10% Tour & Safari discounts.
  • 20% off luxury Rovos Rail train tours.
  • Forever Resorts Badplaas, Loskopdam + Warmbaths. All weekends 20% less for club members.
Other Offers
  • Accommodation “finders” service.
  • FREE membership for parents.
  • FREE product information/find service.
  • FREE junkmail advertising.
  • Unlimited Club reservations.
  • FREE bus and train booking service.
  • FREE product info service.
Contact telephone number: (011) 974-2626
Download the brochure here


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Study Grants

The Fund provides money on an annual basis as a study grant to dependant children of beneficiaries of the Fund to study at accredited institutions for post-school education. Grants will be awarded on the achievement of the student during the previous year of study. The candidates must be dependants as defined in chapter v of the General Regulations of the South African Defense Force and the Reserve. The value, number and criteria of the grants to be awarded must be decided at a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Fund during the meeting of the Board in the preceding August each year. Applications for study grants to reach the Fund not later than 31 January of the year of study. Applicants will be advised of the results of the applications during February of the year of study. Application Forms are available at your Unit SAAF Fund representative or at the SAAF Fund office.


Holiday Accommodation


The Fund has invested in 23 holiday apartments, 52 syndication weeks and 27 timeshare weeks. Members of the Fund now have the opportunity of going on holiday making use of some of the best holiday accommodation available in South Africa at affordable rates. A full list of accommodation facilities are attached as appendix A.


The RCI Directory of Resorts and calendar indicating the various seasons will be used by the Fund as a guide when bookings are made. High Peak season indicates very high demand followed by Peak Season. White and Blue season indicating lower demand. Minimal annual increases in rates can be expected. A calendar indicating the seasons is attached as appendix B.





For Fund self catering holiday flats/apartments during high peak season (HPS) i.e. School Holidays the allocation will be done by a sub committee existing of the Board of Trustee members, the Manager and Fund office personnel.

High Peak Season (HPS)

Syndication and Timeshare weeks that fall in HPS weeks will be allocated by the committee in the same way as for the Fund holiday apartments.

Peak Season (PS) and Low Season (LS)
PS and LS weeks will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Bookings open on the first working day in October of each year for the following year beginning after December January school holidays.

For HPS applications forms are completed and members have until the last day of October to submit the form to the Fund office. – LS and PS bookings are done on a first come first serve basis. Fund telephones  lines are open and manned on the first working day in October taking calls from members of outside Basis/Units. The date of the call is recorded, the booking is made immediately giving the member who phoned  the same chance as the member who makes his booking at the Fund Office. An Application Formis available on the website. Weekends are considered PS time


  • Payment: A deposit of 20% of the total accommodation fee is payable on reservation of SAAF Fund apartments and the balance one month prior to the commencement of the holiday. A deposit of  50% is payable for the Timeshare weeks, on reservations and the outstanding amount is payable, 3 months before the holiday.
  • Cancellation of the SAAF Fund apartments more than 2 months before the holiday the deposit of 50% is refundable. Cancellation less than 2 months before the holiday the deposit less 80% is refundable on condition that the flat can be relent, or else the member will be liable for the total rent.
  • Bookings are not transferable.
  • Only beneficiaries of the Fund may utilize the accommodation. No family members/friends of the beneficiaries may occupy the accommodation without the presence of the Fund member.
  • Beneficiaries, who book accommodation and allow a person or persons who are not members of the Fund to occupy such accommodation contrary to the provisions of the above paragraph will have their bookings cancelled immediately (even whilst in occupation) if it becomes evident that the bookings were made on behalf of non beneficiaries. No rent that has been paid will be refunded.
  • Strictly No pets allowed. Members may be told to vacate the premises should they ignore this rule.
  • Members must produce an ID document and confirmation of reservation certificate to the caretaker on arrival to ensure entry to the accommodation.
  • The Fund reserves the right to alter tariffs. Members have to acknowledge that they have read and understood the above conditions and that they will observe them. Please comply to the house rules.
Before departing the holiday destination members must ensure that they have a Confirmation of Booking form. When arriving at the destination this form together with the members ID should be presented on request.  Timeshare confirmation of the reservation is issued by the Holiday Resort to the Fund. This form must also be presented on request. 
We appeal to all SAAF Fund members to practice tolerance and be sensitive to the needs of others, thereby contributing to an enjoyable holiday for all. Those on holiday must also realize that there are permanent residents at all resorts where the Fund owns its apartments.


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Retirement Gratuity

Contributing Regular Force Members, Public Service Act Personnel and Reserve Force members who are members of the Fund serving in the Department of Defense who exit the service on the following grounds below will be granted a gratuity of 1% of their basic pensionable salary calculated at a ratio between number of years of actual contribution divided by number of years of potential contribution since 1 August 1980, this being the date of the establishment of the SAAF Fund.

Retirement meaning 60 years for members of the Regular Force and 65 years for members of the Reserve Force.

Termination of Service due to the following reasons:

  • Member’s resignations from the SAAF.
  • Termination of any fixed contract.
  • Due to medical or psychological reasons.
  • Due to member’s post being abolished.
  • To promote efficiency or increased cost effectiveness in the SAAF for example Retrenchment, Mobility Exit Mechanism etc.

Members who exit the service must inform the Fund as soon as possible and members must submit the following documentation:

  • Termination of Service with DOD Authority.
  • Last pay sheet.

Loans to SA Air Force Bases/Units

Loans may be granted to South African Air Force Bases and Units to provide facilities for the benefit of the members of the base or unit, which cannot be provided by the State. The management of the Air Force Fund will determine the loan repayment period and interest rate.

Financial Assistance for Members who play sport for South Africa at Provincial and International level 

The Air Force Fund provides financial assistance to members of the Fund who represent the RSA locally and abroad in sport. The criteria and guidelines regarding the allocation are as follows:

  • The applicant must be a member of the Air Force Fund.
  • The member must represent the RSA at international or provincial level.
  • Participation can be individually or as a member of a team.
  • The competition may take place in the RSA or abroad.
  • Every application will be considered on its merits.
  • Grants will be made in accordance with the member’s requirements and sponsorships negotiated by the member.
  • All applications must be fully motivated, recommended by the base/unit sport officer and officer commanding and include an income and expenditure statement and submitted to DHRD (SSO PSTR).
  • If the member’s income from sponsorships exceeds his expenditure the application must be referred back to the Fund for reconsideration of the Fund’s contribution.
  • The member must be a sport administrator at national level.
No limitation is placed on the number of times that a member may apply for financial assistance from the Fund.