Details of the South African Navy Uniform

By | October 23, 2017

Details of the South African Navy Uniform


SA Navy Dress Regulations

We wear our uniform with pride in a manner, which makes it clear that we are professional and competent, desirous in proving to our nation that we represent their will and resolve.


Men’s beards must be grown along the natural hairline contours of the face and must be a natural full beard from the ear to the chin and to the top of the adam’s apple

Single ponytail or plait fastened low in the neck. 









Long ponytail or plait shall hang straight down between the shoulders blades.







A black scrunchie, black elastic band or black ribbon, no more than 40 mm wide, may be worn.

A black Banana Slide may be worn.

Hair may be worn in a bun or roll in the neck or slightly higher on the head. 

An inconspicuous hairnet may be worn.


A black sliding comb may be worn to keep the roll in place. Only a black Alice band may be worn.

Short hairstyles are permissible. 

Single rows of plaits against the scalp with or without extensions, may be worn. 


Females may wear their hair close to the scalp if the hairstyle lends itself to be worn in this manner.Hair may be coloured or tinted provided that it tones in with the members’ natural hair colour and complexion.

Medium-length hair may not cover the rank insignia.



Up styles are permitted when attired in mess dress. (Formal Wear). 

Flat small beads or clips may be worn in the hair of women and must complement the uniform. Only gold, silver or black beads or clips are allowed.
Men’s hair must be short back and sides. Sideburns may not be longer than the middle of the ear.


An extreme hairstyle (examples on the left) that does not compliment the uniform, are not allowed.

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SA Navy Uniform : Rank Insignia


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