Details of the South African Navy Vision & Mission

By | October 23, 2017

Details of the South African Navy Vision & Mission

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Subject to the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, and the laws governing the defence of the RSA and Departmental Direction:

  • the core business of the SA Navy is……..fighting at sea;
  • the mission of the SA Navy is……………….to win at sea;
  • the vision of the SA Navy is…to be unchallenged at sea;
  • the slogan of the SA Navy is………“Unchallenged at Sea”

What does it mean?

  • Regional Reach
    • the ability to operate and sustain forces throughout the Southern Oceans and Southern African littoral
  • Balance of Force Capabilities
    • the size and shape of the SA Navy giving coherent military capability across all relevant areas of maritime warfare, together with the ability to operate these balanced forces effectively, giving battle winning combat capability
  • Interoperability
    • the ability to operate jointly or in combination with whatever other forces may be required, whether the South African Armed Forces, the Armed Forces of the UN, the Armed Forces of the SADC or other nations or civilian authorities
  • Information Superiority
    • the ability to use information to achieve mission success by increased situational awareness, interoperability and increased speed of information flow, whilst protecting and preserving own information assets
  • Quality
    • the ability to provide forces which are completely fit for purpose as and when required
  • Will
    • the willingness of individuals, units and the Command chain to become completely engaged in whatever task, from low intensity peacetime activities to high intensity warfighting, with utter determination to succeed
  • Respect
    • being an admired yardstick against which similar sized navies throughout the world judge themselves

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